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Year round Sites 
from $1,825 per year

(that's $5 per day!)


Our Year-round sites are not intended for full-time living. We will ask for your permanent resident address and ID when completing the application.

All campground roads will be snow blown during the winter giving you access your trailer and to enjoy winter activities, such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

The adventure park and cabin are included and will be open all year round. Campsites can be made to suit your needs and all services will be accessible just in an "Off-Grid" way as follows:

  • Potable water will be delivered free of charge during the warm months. During the winter a heated amenities cabin trailer will be provided (shower, washroom), unless you are heating your trailer.

  • Dumping services are provided privately in the campground area. 

  • Power will be either by solar panels and/or a camp generator. If you don't have a generator, we can loan you ours to charge your batteries.

Have questions? please call us at (506-688-2831) or e-mail at

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