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Small Businesses We Support

Below is a listing of businesses we use and support. 

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Cottage Bunkies & Backyard Bunkies

We’re famous for log cabin bunkies that can be easily built in a weekend without a permit or a second mortgage

Ready for an Easier Solution for Watering?

  • No more frozen water - no chopping ice!-

  • No more algae growth in the summer

  • No more dirty, stagnate water

  • No more expensive heating bills

  • No more hauling buckets or hoses


Just fresh, clean water that's always available with no effort on your part! Completely eliminate your watering duties! Your animals will be happier, healthier, and more hydrated all year long!


Unplugged Power Systems fournit Off Grid Adventure et notre résidence personnelle avec des solutions d'alimentation conçues pour les modes de vie hors réseau et les applications commerciales.

The Pantry Food Hub features locally produced food products & handcrafted goods. Free food items are available on our community table! 

We actively purchase local food from The Pantry, check it out! 


Llama-zing Adventures offers unique activities for people of all ages. pick a llama and come join us for a walk on the beach, river, or simply in the woods! 

Over East Outdoor

Over East Outdoor is an apparel and lifestyle brand that offers premium wear for men and women who seek adventure.

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